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Where we are incorporated?

Confidento Team was started in 2014 in West Europe. We were the first company in the world that offered an encrypted solution to give people possibilities to hide their secrets keeping privacy. In 2016, to protect the interests of our customers, we closed the application.

Today we have expanded the Horizons of our Activities and the Company is represented on three Continents of the World: North America, Europe and Australia

We strongly support anonymity and privacy. That is why we moved our operations to Belize in response to proposed Europe legislation which would have required us to keep logs on our customer activities.


You can send us a letter by E-Mail. This is the Best way to start first Conversation


You can call us using +1 917 768-46-68. We glad to hear your voice


Our headquarters: 1010 Sherbrooke Street 1802, Montreal, QC, Canada, H3A 2R7